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            Contact the team now on +44(0)1373 470391 or complete an enquiry form

            Tool Design

            Sino design Experience

            Sino has a dedicated team of skilled engineers offering a full injection mould tool design service. We have considerable design experience in many types of mould tools including single cavity, multi-cavity, hot runner, over-mould and Twinshot tooling.

            We specialise in the design & specification of automotive speaker fret tools which require special attention to ensure good mould fill preventing gas traps and provide a good surface finish.

            Sino Manufacturing Solutions offers guidance on part tool design and suitability for injection moulding using Moldflow simulation software. This software allows us to provide detailed information on flow, cooling and component distortion. Our design team work with our customers to optimize part design to improve product appearance and lower moulding cost by reducing weight & cycle time where possible.

            We also use a wide range of design software tools including, Catia v5, Solidworks 2017, Mastercam x9, Autocad 2017.

            UK Tool Design Support

            Paul Grundy, injection tool design consultant at Aim Design Services Ltd, Manchester supports our design team when European customers are looking for a design service which is closer to home. Paul has a huge amount of experience and is a very valuable member of the team. 

            As part of your tool design service we can provide 3D Prototyping.

            Contact the team now on +44(0)1373 470391 or complete an enquiry form