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            Contact the team now on +44(0)1373 470391 or complete an enquiry form

            Mould Tool Trialing

            Mould Tool Trialing and Small Volume Production

            All mould tools are fully tested before shipment using our own injection presses from 90 to 300 tons. We use a local tool trial house for moulds that require a larger injection press.

            Our moulding shop is fully equipped to carry out comprehensive pre-production tool trials including de-humidifying dryers, chillers, water heaters, robot demoulding & a fully equipped metrology department.

            All samples sent to customers as part of the maturation and approval process are supplied free of charge by Sino. Mouldings are measured and evaluated in our metrology department and full ISIR report is submitted with T1/T2 samples sent to customers for approval. PPAP (Product Part Approval Process) submission documentation can be supplied if agreed at the quotation phase.

            Following tool completion & approval Sino offers a moulding service to manufacture initial production batches before the moulds are crated and shipped to the customer. These parts are often shipped by air to allow the OEM to evaluate prototypes or carry out pre-production assembly before the tools arrive by sea.

            We offer additional services related to injection moulding including ultrasonic welding, over-moulding, threaded insert installation, painting and electro-mechanical assembly to assist in the customer’s product development and approval process.

            Contact the team now on +44(0)1373 470391 or complete an enquiry form